Security-Focused Transformation

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation are revolutionizing organizations by increasing productivity. However, security should never be compromised during this transformation. Zero-trust and segmentation are popular security practices, but without accurate dependency mapping, they may not be effective. Redjack provides evidence-based dependency mapping to ensure security while identifying areas for transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Learn how digital transformation leverages technology to help you drive innovation and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“Redjack allows us to start all digital transformations on solid ground.”

— Senior PwC Consultant

Scale Safer

Redjack facilitates collaboration between business, IT, and security teams for organizational transformation. Incorporating InfoSec into every business requirement is crucial for scaling enterprises, rather than treating it as an afterthought. Key aspects include identifying areas for transformation, analyzing connections between business functions and systems, and prioritizing transformation based on potential risks.