Build Resilience With Evidence

Global enterprises often lack a clear understanding of how their business functions are connected and dependent on each other despite investing millions in technology. Factors like changing business needs, outdated technology, and shadow IT further complicate this understanding.

To address this, Redjack offers a solution. Instead of relying solely on IP addresses and static user data, our platform monitors communication data to build a comprehensive view of your global network. This approach enhances resiliency and forms the basis for better decision-making.

❝We didn’t have a strategy for how to decrease costs and increase our security posture before Redjack.❞

— Fortune 50 CISO

Redjack Forges Technical Resiliency

We Enhance Cyber Teams' Resilience Through:

  • Accurate dependency management

  • Evidence-based segmentation

  • Load balancing/redundancy

  • Recognizing the impact of 3rd party contracts

  • Communication logs/traffic analysis

  • Cultivating a true cyberculture

  • Effective hybrid and multi-cloud networks

  • Comprehensive and dynamic asset inventories

  • Reliable business continuity
    and disaster recovery (BCDR)

  • Testing failure scenarios

  • Convenient NIST and CCPA compliance

  • Identifying shadow IT and bad neighborhoods

  • Internal notifications of policy violations

  • Clear understanding of digital transformation

The Key to Cyber Resilience: Identifying Critical Business Functions

By identifying critical business functions and their associated IT assets, organizations can strengthen their security posture and build cyber resilience.

Uniting Stakeholders

  • Redjack provides foundational insights into a network they likely inherited and removes the reliance on expensive, static, and inaccurate asset inventories.

  • Frustrated by vast security notifications and the pressure to maintain maximum security, we help CISOs understand what to protect and why. We help them define their cyber strategy.

  • Risk teams need more InfoSec evidence in order to make accurate remediation plans. We provide clarity around dependencies and critical business functions and are the source of the data they need to make good decisions.

  • They read the news and see the laundry list of threats and, therefore, must trust the executive's InfoSec strategy. Redjack provides clarity, evidence, and confidence that resilience is being built.

Beyond Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

The Redjack platform helps security teams tackle asset visibility and vulnerability issues by providing a dynamic cyber asset inventory. Using communications data combined with advanced technologies such as data science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), it discovers unknown digital assets in your environment. Effective and efficient on a large scale, it goes beyond spreadsheets to give a visual representation of risk, leading to better security and business decisions.