Know the truth.

Lead your business with confidence.

Redjack tackles the most critical intelligence challenges for
enterprises and the government.

Our intelligence product creates the foundation for a single source of truth of an organization’s digital activity.

Lead with confidence

You’re a better leader when you’re armed with the truth. Redjack allows you to make proactive business decisions about your technical infrastructure by eliminating the unknown and providing a complete picture of your systems.

Discover hidden opportunities

Save money, be more efficient, and better allocate your resources. Redjack helps you see the unseen, so you can capitalize on opportunities hidden in plain sight and reap the rewards.


Redjack has revealed more in two months than all of my consultants have in ten years combined.

Fortune 50 Executive

Our unintrusive network sensors build a complete picture of reality from the ground up.

We listen in to even the smallest interactions by collecting metadata from every packet that flows through your environment.

Real-time business insights

Our behavior-based algorithms sift through all activities to show you what is happening. Whether the truth reveals a glaring emergency or a hidden opportunity, Redjack delivers the business insights necessary for you to take action in real time.

Built to work anywhere, at scale

We apply internet scale to the enterprise. Analyze millions of events per second, and replay billions of records without any loss of information. Our infrastructure agnostic approach means that we work in any situation for any organization.


Be confident that in the event of an audit, you are ready to go. We record, classify, and organize every interaction. Save the day when our analytics detect and alert you to non-compliance.

Navigators of the unknown.

Redjack tackles the most critical intelligence challenges for enterprises and the government. We fight for the truth to make the world safer for business, democracy, and humanity.

Our original technology emerged from national intelligence agencies, where it is still widely deployed today. In 2007, we launched Redjack with the mission of making an even bigger impact by making the truth accessible to the larger world.

We serve customers including the Fortune 100 and the largest government agencies. Our team of experts includes engineers, data scientists, business analysts, and research scientists. They join Redjack for the opportunity to work on complex, important challenges.

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